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Why Suwapatha?

Sri Lanka is one of the Indigenous knowledge-rich countries in the world, which has written history of more than 2000 years with traditional legends which runway back over 5000 years. among this indigenous knowledge, there are a lot of teachings and traditions helped our ancestors to live a happy and healthy life. Even in these days these traditional food cultures and way of life are saved and practicing in rural villages in Sri Lanka. Suwapatha is trying to introduce these traditional nature netted food culture to people who are living in complex societies and make available all the traditional ingredients to adapt to Sri Lankan traditional food culture to live a healthy life.

Our services 

We sell quality & heathier goods manufactured in worldwide and in Sri Lanka while promoting traditional & modern best practices. The day after the order, we will bring the goods to your doorstep within Colombo area and island-wide delivery is available upon the request and offers worldwide shipping for all the online purchases. We undertake bulk orders locally and internationally and provides both air freight and sea freight facilities for orders outside Sri Lanka. Please send your inquiries regarding custom orders through the form or call us via our hotline.